Review by Obie B.
Australia, on Oct 14, 2022

Absolutely wonderful bear with a marvellous personality, gorgeous colour and so beautifully crafted

Review by Jean H.
United Kingdom, on Aug 11, 2022

Louise is such a pretty elephant beautifully made and lovely mohair. I really like her embroidered pendant. Real quality.

Review by Connie K.
United States, on May 18, 2022

Another beautiful elephant made with love by Vika!❤️ This little one will fit in perfectly with the other elephants I’ve purchased from her. :) Keep creating these precious cuties and I will continue to purchase them! 😊

Thank you dear Connie🐻❤️😍
Vika Sliva
Review by Mary Beth M.
United States, on Mar 17, 2022

This sweet little bunny arrived today which made me so happy but at the same time made me very sad. It reminded me that so many people are in harms way where he came from, Ukraine. Please keep his artist and the residents of Ukraine in your prayers.

May you keep peace and warmth in your home ❤️Thank you for your prayers and attention to the people of Ukraine 🙏🙏🙏
Vika Sliva
Review by Connie K.
United States, on Mar 15, 2022

Harry is the funniest little elephant in his cute little outfit! 🥰 He is well made with wonderful details. Vika is a top bear artist and I will continue to support her.❤️🧸❤️🧸❤️

Thank you Connie is very happy that my baby elephants have found a loving heart ❤️and your cozy home is full of love for them. Thank you Vika
Vika Sliva
Review by Connie K.
United States, on Mar 15, 2022

Excellent quality and exceptional details on this sweet little elephant.❤️ Vika is a wonderful artist and I will continue to purchase her beautiful works of art.❤️🧸❤️🧸❤️

I am very glad that a piece of my soul lives in your house ❤️❤️
Vika Sliva
Review by Mary Beth M.
United States, on Feb 27, 2022

Beautiful rabbit with wonderful personality. I thought I had already left this review, sorry it is so late.

Review by Connie K.
United States, on Feb 11, 2022

Kitty is the most adorable elephant ever! She has the perfect expression and I can tell she was made with love.❤️❤️❤️

Review by Julie C.
United States, on Feb 9, 2022

Yuki is is so cute! Even the carrots that came with Yulis are wonderful! Vika is an amazing artist!

Thank you, Julis makes you happy
Vika Sliva
Review by Juanita F.
Germany, on Dec 20, 2021

Most beautiful bear!! Great quality and wonderful characteristics!! I am sooo in love with Arnold❣️❣️
Thank you so much!!

I'm glad you liked Arnold. May it bring you pleasure and joy.
Vika Sliva
Review by SHERRY-ANN O.
Canada, on Feb 28, 2021

Matty arrived beautifully packaged. He is adorable and has a squishy little tummy. Great Iittle bear to hold in your hand. Great artist. Thank you Vika.

I am very glad that you liked the bear and settled in a loving family.
Vika Sliva
Review by Bambi B.
United States, on Nov 8, 2020

Tom is well-made and ponders all day watching the snow fall. I love the stitching on his nose and his outfit that gives him a playful but simple addition to his lovely fur/hair! Great details...thank you!